Party Bridge | October 2015

playing cardsOne again we had to play with a “dummy” (most of the bridge players understand that this means we are one short of a full table — and has no relationship to the quality of our players). Our hostesses were Peggie Bartkowski, who did the calling, and Janet Weitsman, who brought the great Halloween goodies. Thanks to both of you for your efforts. We do appreciate it.

Since we had no birthdays ( or no one admitted to it) we did not get to exercise our vocal cords —- which I’m sure those trying to eat their meals in the restaurant probably appreciated. Our bridge prizes went to:

  1. Shirley Marshal
  2. Peggie Bartkowski
  3. Ellie Land

November hostesses will be Peggy Ekberg (making calls) and Shirley Marshall bring the desserts. Please return Peggy’s calls ASAP to let her know you are coming. And, if things change, please let her know. See you all next month.

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