Our History


will often occur simultaneously to two people who have never met. So it was in 1983 with the idea of an auxiliary for Toberman Neighborhood Center (then Toberman Settlement House). Maxine Miller wrote to Lucy Toberman after seeing an article in the newspaper about the Settlement House and together they discovered that the oldest Philanthropy in Los Angeles was lacking an auxiliary. At about the same time Geraldine (Jerry) Ridgway was elected President of the Toberman Board of Directors after having served on it for five years. As her first official act she enlisted her Vice President, Ruth D’Arcy, to take on the project of forming an auxiliary, introduced her to Lucy Toberman and learned of Maxine’s interest. Lucy then drew in Elin Vanderlip. Maxine Miller was the moving force and together with Ruth, Jerry, Lucy and Elin, numerous prominent South Bay women were invited to a September “Charter Members” luncheon in Palos Verdes at Elin Vanderlip lovely “Villa Narcissus” estate, launching the fledgling group. The rest is history.

Today, the Auxiliary of Toberman Neighborhood Center continues its dedication and enthusiasm as we move into a new era. Former old buildings have been removed and the new facility was completed in 2007. During the renovation process, the thrift shop operated for two years out of a mobile home. Based in San Pedro, the Auxiliary is a service organization, comprised of more than 100 members, who are dedicated to raising funds solely for the purpose of improving the lives of Toberman children and their families. True miracles have been accomplished through the support of vital community outreach and educational programs.

Proceeds from creative Philanthropic endeavors and countless volunteer hours provide annual Auxiliary donations of approximately $50,000. In addition to the Thrift Shop, these include bridge groups & luncheons, endowment pledges, and most important, the “A Parade of The Christmas Trees” annual benefit event.

In addition, the Auxiliary, along with TNC Executive Director Dr. Linda Matlock, and the TNC staff, continually follows the progress and explores new solutions to the complex challenges and needs of thousands of diverse and under-served Harbor-area residents. The community sincerely appreciates our diligence and commitment to their future. The Auxiliary is a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable corporation whose policies and activities are nonsectarian and nonpolitical.

Past Presidents

2013 | Connie Sherman
2012 | Patricia Gill
2011 | Evelyn Morgan
2010 | Nancy Collinge
2009 | Shirley Thomas
2008 | Nancy Collinge
2006 -2007 | Jerry Ridgway
2004 -2005 | Nancy Collinge
2003 | Celia Dobbins
2001 -2002 | Rosemary Zettler
2000 | Ione Ransom
1998 -1999 | Helene Ritchie ♥
1996 -1997 | Shirley Thomas
1994 -1995 | Evelyn Morgan
1993 | Maxine Miller
1991 – 1992 | Polly Lindsey
1990 | Joyce Monk ♥
1989 | Shirley Lorenz
1986 -1987 -1988 | Maxine Miller
1983 -1984 -1985 | Ruth D’Arcy

Toberman Auxiliary Charter Members

Evelyn Anderson
Lillian Arnold
Mary Ann Babikian
Bernice Belcher
Roberta Bell
Muriel Benedict
Mary Carpenter
Patricia Carver
Linda Cibel
Helen Cole
Enid Coors
Ruth D’Arcy
Patricia Denney
Celia Dobbins
Gladys Downs
Thelma Egan
Everlyn Eversole
Ruth Fisher
Esther Funk
Hazel Gardner
Marylyn Ginsburg
Patti Gloor
Marge Haneline
Joan Hanley
Lois Jester
Oma Johnston
Mary Ellen Jystad
Dorothy Keeling
Jacqueline Kent
Jean Knowlton
Laurie Logan
Shirley Lorenz
Ruth McCartney
Isabelle Meriwether
Maxine Miller
Joyce Monk
Jean Newland
Mildred Niehoff
Thelma Orzechowski
Mynne Peascoe
Betsy Prickett
Marjorie Rados
Geraldine Ridgway
Jane Real
Ruth Risser
Jean Ritter
Evelyn Rizza
Signe Shrader
Martha Smartt
Erma Smith
Stella Smith
Marjorie Squires
Grace Taube
Elouise Teague
Marjorie Waldow
Anita Wilson
Ethel Wright
Rosemary Zettler

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