Words from President Connie Sherman

Dear Ladies,

This is my last newsletter as your Present. It has been a joyful and rewarding experience.

December 10th is our last general meeting for 2014 and the new slate of officers is looking forward to finding new ways for helping the TNC.

I leave you with these Christmas thoughts:

On the first day of Christmas…
I gave my undivided attention
On the second day …
I gave the gift of enthusiasm
On the third day…
I gave the gift of Creative Energy
On the fourth day…the gift of Seasonal Pleasures
On the fifth day…the gift of Tenderness
On the sixth day…the gift of Good Cheer
On the seventh day…the gift of Beauty
On the eight day…the gift of Communication
On the ninth day…the gift of Surprise
On the tenth day…the gift of Wonder
On the eleventh day…
the gift of Peaceful Surroundings
On the twelfth day…the gift of Joy.
~~~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

I hope to see you at the many gatherings planned for 2015 and, our final 2014 meeting at the Dalmatian Club on December 10th.



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