Toberman Party Bridge | August 12

playing cardsWe welcomed two new players: Joan Ericson and Virginia Whittier. They fit right in and are both most welcome to our group.

Our hostesses were: Flo Fenton (who did the calling) and Sandra Albee (who brought delicious goodies which we devoured with gusto!)

We had a special presentation to Phyllis Jennings who is moving to Costa Mesa. She described her destination as “heaven” — (I think she meant the place is nice!) Phyllis expressed her thanks, and informed us that Marcie Bennett is recovering very well from her cancer surgery.

The scores were rather low (good defense!) and the winners were:

  1. Joyce Kochanowski
  2. Peggie Bartkowski
  3. Marge Haneline

Next month’s hostesses are Mary Enos and Marge Haneline. As usual, please return their calls as sons as possible and let them know you are coming.


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