Thrift Shop Update | January 2016

colorful shopping bagsFrom Sue: We’ve been extremely fortunate recently to be inundated with donations, thus, the Sort Room has been so full, we’ve been having trouble keeping a pathway to walk. I had no choice but to ask some of the volunteers to come in on their off-days in order to help sort, which they have been doing so graciously on a regular basis and I want to thank them for helping out so much. They are Marti Pike, Phyllis Goetz, Suzzanne Atwood, and Marilyn Zitar. Also, thank you to Joyce and Paul Prizler, Peggy Ekberg, and Patricia Ferrara, who came to our aid when I put the word out that we needed replacements for Maxine Peak. Thank you to all of our shop volunteers. You are so generous with your time and we are so blessed to have you on our team.

* We are in need of a volunteer to work the fourth Thursday of each month. If you are able to do this, please contact Evelyn or myself and let us know. Thank you.


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