Thrift Shop Update | February 2016

colorful shopping bagsI am very proud to report that even with all of the holidays and days we had to be closed last year we ended up with a whopping $30,179.64 total for the year!! Many thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so hard and to all of the donors that supplied us with an abundance of goods to sell.

Our rooms are overflowing with merchandise. So much so that we can hardly move around in the storage area. HELP! We will be having a clean-up and sort crew come in to help sift through all of the donations.
If you can give us a few hours we would appreciate your help. We will be calling many of you to come and give us a hand.

We have been blessed with so many of you wonderful volunteers to keep the shop going. We hope to make it even better this year. I can’t name all of you but I am so grateful that you have come forward to help us maintain the store and be able to give Toberman funds to keep the programs going

The CEO and staff of Toberman constantly compliment us on the super job we are doing. You are very special people and they respect and admire your generosity.

Keep up the good work ladies!!! Sue and I are so proud to be part of such a wonderful group.

God Bless,
Evelyn Morgan/Sue Ware, co-chairs
Thrift Store


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