Thrift Shop News

colorful shopping bagsOur last two months have been very successful!!  The receipts for the month of January were $3,376.86. The receipts for February were $3,040.87 for a grand total of $6,417.73.  HOORAY, HOORAY,HOORAY!!! Thru the efforts of our wonderful Thrift Shop volunteers we have made a spectacular beginning of the New Year.My co-chair, Sue Ware has had a lot to do with that.  She knows the names of most of the community that come into our shop and they always ask for her.  It is wonderful that we have such a special representative of the Auxiliary to show our respect and our concern for our neighbors.

I want to commend each and every one of you for honoring your commitment to our cause.  The continuing programs that Toberman Neighborhood Center offers to our neighbors is, in a very large  way, due to ALL OF THE EFFORTS OF THE AUXILIARY.

We are proud to be members of such a successful organization.


Evelyn Morgan, Sue Ware
Co-chairs, Thrift Shop


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