Party Bridge | January 2016

playing cardsWe had four tables — and our hostesses, Aiko and Joyce Prizler, had a hard time finding healthy people to come and play. Even though Joyce could not there, because her son was ill, she made cookes and the best peanut brittle ever! There wasn’t even a crumb left! We were very thankful that Nancy Collinge agreed to come at the last minute, when Joyce had ot be with her son.

Prizes were earned by:

  1. Fran Berendzen
  2. Peggy Ekberg
  3. Ellie Land (Ellie always seems to be in the money!)

Next month our hostesses are Peggie Bartkowski and Mary Enos. Please help them by returning their calls as soon as possible.

Profit was $167.

Shirley Marshall, Bridge Chair


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