Party Bridge | April 2016

playing cardsWe had four tables, thanks to Ellie Land, who found us a last-minute sub (and to Virginia Van Houtte – the sub). It’s always exciting when you are doing the calling, and just when you think you have an even number — and you release a sigh of relief — someone gets sick or something unexpected happens and you need to search for another player. But someone usually comes through and “saves the day.”

Flo Fenton “made” our luscious brownies and banana bread, and Joyce Prizler brought some wonderful lime cake, which was left over from another event, but wonderful none the less! Most important — we all had a good time, and we ate well.

Prizes were awarded to (1) Flo Fenton; (2) Marcia Strong; and (3) a tie between Ellie Land and Joyce Prixler.

Next month’s hostesses are Sandra Albee and Aiko Imagawa. Please plan to come, or let them know as early as possible if you cannot make it.

Net profit $165

–Shirley Marshall


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