Newsletter | June 2016

Afternoon tea served with cupcakesTour of Patty Jo’s Cottage by the Sea


Monday, June 27th | 12:30 pm

Tea and tea sandwiches will be served. Patty Jo’s grand-daughter will sing several songs from operas.

1916 W 27th Street
San Pedro

Park on the street. The driveway is very steep, a shuttle to the front door will be provided.

Patricia Ferrara


Thanks so much to all 50 plus participants in GAME DAY (S)!! In spite of a few “glitches” (mine alone) everyone seemed to have a great time and requested that they be invited back for next year’s event. Many promised to bring additional bridge playing friends!! ( Maybe next year will require three days!??!?). We raised $2835 from participants, donors and 50/50 proceeds!

My helpers were fabulous: Rosemary Zettler made our Game Day poster; Peggy Ekberg and Joyce Prizler made hundreds of yummy desserts; Joyce also loaned me chairs and handle the 50/50 collection on Monday. She also made a trip out to find and bring to my home one lost member, Ellie Land! Ellie later won the 50/50 raffle and collected $120, so she was definitely glad to have finally gotten there!! My dear friend, Barbara Heughins handle the 50/50 on Wednesday and helped “fill in or fill out” when our reservations didn’t quite pan out!!


Love to all, Nancy Collinge


Game day at Nancy’s brought in $2,835.00
Hand and Foot at Patricia Ferrara’s brought in $200.00
Mah jong at Patricia Gill’s brought in $160.00

for a total of $3,195.00 for the Neighborhood Center.

Good going ladies. Let’s do this again next year

Connie Sherman,

Bridge Reports

Party Bridge | June 2016

This month’s hostess, Ellie Land, did a great job. She did all the calling (4 tables) and brought delicious goodies for early morning coffee, as well as dessert after lunch. She even made brownies and cookies. We’ll look forward to your next hostess job, Ellie.

We had two birthdays: Joyce Kochanowski and Janet Weitzman. So, of course, we got to excise our vocal chords and sing “Happy Birthday” (no one in the restaurant has complained yet!)

Prizes went to (1) Peggy Ekberg; (2) Sandra Albee; and (3) Peggie Bartkowski. Peggie and Sandra bid and made a grand slam!!!

Next month’s hostess is Flo Fenton. Please be ready and willing to play; and return her calls ASAP.

–Shirley Marshall

Duplicate Bridge | Spring 2016

Despite some confusion with a few boards, both April and May duplicate games were a lot of fun and entertaining and gastronomically delightful …. (;-)

LORETTA WESTLUND entertained us elegantly on April 22nd at the Rolling Hills Golf Club where we chose from their eclectic menu and were also served awesome, large, warm cookies and coffee cake……

Several of the boards were compromised. However; we were able to determine that NANCY COLLINGE AND PEGGY EKBERG won the most of those that were useable.

On May 27, AIKO IMAGAWA hosted us back at Nancy Collinge’s beautiful home! She provided a delicious luncheon of various sandwiches, salads, (including a pea salad that many wanted the recipe for) fruit and AWESOME desserts ……!

Nancy had us bring pictures of ourselves from the “fifties” and themed her table to that era, including old 45 records of Skip’s!!!



  • Nancy Collinge
  • Tie …. Peggy Ekberg and Jeanne Green

This duplicate project alone, has now donated $1800.00 so far this year ….


~~Marsha Strong


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