May 2015 News

So much to report after two months!

Nancy Hall and Toberman Auxiliary Bridge friends March 2015Ione Ransom celebrated her 100th birthday in April. Happy Birthday, Ione! Rosemary Zettler reported on the festivities. (see page 4). Linda Matlock is on the mend and will be returning soon. Nancy Hall was feted by her friends in March at a “We love you!” celebration. Each lady who participated brought a rose to Nancy. Gorgeous flowers, and beautiful friends. (more on page 3)

Our Ways & Means Committee has put together a great calendar of events. The major FUNdraiser will be Saturday, September 19th or 26th at a private hangar at Zamperini Field (Torrance Airport). Craig and Hanne Ekberg will be our hosts for a very special afternoon among their collection of vintage and antique automobiles and airplanes. Checkout the calendar below for more FUNdraisers, meetings and opportunities to get together.

I’ve changed the newsletter format to make it easier to write and print. Time constraints have it coming out every other month after the Board meeting. I would welcome anyone who is interested in helping to write and/or print and mail the newsletter. Call me at 424-263-4642! I’ll keep you up-to-date with event reminder postcards in between. And our website will have more frequent updates.

Joyce Sharman Toberman Auxiliary memberJoyce Sharman and the TNC Gala Committee pulled off a fantastic event on April 4th when they honored Vanessa and Kobe Bryant, and raised over $400,000 for Toberman. As usual Rosemary Zettler organized the reservations tables which were staffed in part by our Auxilary members.

Get out your calendar and ink in our upcoming events. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

Patricia Gill, President

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