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Our party-bridge group met in both January and February. As usual, our hostesses did a great job of contacting all of our regular members and some subs in order to have 5 tables. It’s a hard job sometimes, but it’s made easier if members let the hostesses know quickly whether to expect them. We love to play bridge and we always enjoy each other’s company — but we really don’t like to play with a “dummy” (you know what I mean — I hope!) So, please plan to come and please help our hostesses by keeping them informed.

Our winners were:
JANUARY –  1st Place  Fran Berendzen, 2nd Place Shirley Marshall , 3rd Place  Marge Haneline
FEBRUARY – Raffle: $31 1st Place Ellie Land  2nd Place Peggie Bartkowski  3rd Place Shirley Marshall

The group has unanimously decided to raise our fee to $25 each meeting in order to raise more money for Toberman. This was a painless move due to the delicious lunches at Think Café, the wonderful goodies our hostesses supply, and the comradery of our members. Our March hostesses will be Shirley McKinney and Mary Callaway. Please help them out by responding quickly to their calls and by planning to come and play.

Party Bridge raised $210 in February.


JANUARY DUPLICATE DELIGHT – Friday, Jan. 23 was a great start for our duplicate players’ new year! Nancy Collinge’s monthly party, hostessed this month lavishly and deliciously,  by Joanne Tallman, was a wonderful success, netting our auxiliary $360.00.

Winners: 1, Fran Berendzen ! go Fran   2, Rosemarie K   3, Peggy Ekberg

FEBRUARY DUPLICATE BRIDGE FUN – Generous Nancy’s Monthly duplicate game, in honor of St. Valentine, was hosted magnificently by Rosemarie Krowczyk … who cooked it all… It was a delicious Gourmet quality picnic style luncheon of pulled pork or beef, and coleslaw on buns, potato salad ,incredible baked beans, plus a home baked cake with coconut cream frosting !!!

Groggy from avidly chowing it all down, the winners were: 1, Marcia Strong  2, Nancy Collinge   3, Aiko Imagawa

Please note: The next duplicate party will be on Friday, April 3 (instead of March 27).

The $360.00 this month plus last month totals $720.00  for bridge in the young year to date !!! Congratulations, and thank you all.

Shirley Marshall, Bridge Chair


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